Drone operators must, under certain circumstances, mark the drone with a registration number and hold remote pilot certificates. This page provides an overview of registration and remote pilot certificates.

To understand the concepts of registration and remote pilot certificates, the following distinction is important:

UAS operator The "holder" of a drone. Through registration, he/she receives the UAS operator number. This is similar to the license plate on a car: the UAS operator affixes the UAS operator number to the drone in a clearly visible location.
Remote pilot A person that is allowed to operate a drone because he/she has obtained a corresponding certificate by passing a training/examination. The certificate is comparable to the driver's license of a car driver: remote pilots must carry their certificates.
  • A natural person is both a remote pilot and an operator.
  • A company with e.g. 5 drones and 10 employees is only an operator. The company itself cannot obtain certificates. Only the employees / remote pilots can and are required to do so.

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Last modification 15.03.2024

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