What certificate do I need?

No certificate is required to fly drones under 250g. Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended to complete at least the A1/A3 training. For all people flying drones over 250g, a certificate is mandatory. The amount of training and testing depends on the subcategory (A1, A2, A3) in which the drone is flown. More information can be found in the open category.

Overview of the certificates

Summary and dependencies of the certificates (STS certificates will only be available in Switzerland from 2024 onwards)
  • A1/A3: Persons who want to operate a drone in subcategory A1 or A3 need the A1/A3 certificate for this. The training and as well as the exam for the A1/A3 certificate of competence can be completed from home via UAS.gate.
  • A2: People who want to operate a drone in the subcategory A2 need the A2 certificate for this. Anyone wishing to take a remote pilot certificate (A2) must first pass the certificate of competence exam (A1/A3). For the A2 exam, additional learning content must be learned, as well as a practical training course completed independently. The remote pilot knowledge acquired through self-study is then self-declared in UAS.gate. The A2 examination itself is a written multiple-choice examination, which is taken at the FOCA examination locations in 3063 Ittigen.
  • STS: A theory exam for remote pilots that intend to fly according to an STS is available via UAS Gate and provided by FOCA. More information about STS theory exam content and about the practical assessment can be found under specific categeory european standard scenarios. Please note that in order to fly according to the STS an authorization is still necessary.

More information about the certificates

Failing an exam
To pass the exams, you must answer at least 75% of the exam questions correctly. If you fail the exam, you can currently retake it as many times as necessary free of charge. The exam results cannot be viewed.

Validity of the certificates
The certificates are valid in all countries where the EU drone regulation applies. After 5 years (expiration of the certificate) the acquired theoretical knowledge must be renewed. The exact procedure of this process will be communicated to you promptly before the expiration of your certificate.

Carry certificates
You must always be able to show the certificate when flying. The format does not matter - you can carry the certificate digitally or print it out.

Do you have any further questions about the certificates?

Please refer to the FAQs.


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