According to the EU drone regulation, drone operators are required to register. Operators of drone weighing less than 250g and that are not equipped with a camera, microphone or other sensors suitable for the collection of personal data, are exempted from this requirement to register.

Where do I have to register?

You must register on UAS.gate, the official registration, training and testing platform for Swiss drone operators.

A CH-Login is required to log in. Instructions on how to set up a login can be found on the Federal Office of Information Technology, Systems and Telecommunication (FOITT) website. Please contact the FOITT if you have any questions or technical problems regarding CH-Login.

How do I register?

It doesn't take more than five minutes to register. You need to provide the following information:

  • Contact details: Last name, first name, address, date of birth, telelphone number
  • Identification: ID photo and number
  • Insurance details (liability insurance): Insurance policy number, insurance company, insurance's registered office

Once you have registered you will receive a UAS operator number (CHExxxxxxxxxxxxx-xyz). The first part of the number (CHExxxxxxxxxxxxx) must be displayed clearly on your drone. The three digits at the end (xyz) is your private 'secret digit' code that should not be shared with anybody else. It is used to enhance the protection of your personal registration number.

Important: Distinction natural & legal person

Please note the two different registration options:

  • Legal persons: Companies, associations with several pilots, offices etc. register as legal persons. No training/examination can be taken as a legal person.
  • Natural persons: Individuals, i.e., pilots, however, register as a natural person as they may have to pass training and examination, among other things.

If you register your company (legal person) and yourself (natural person) at the same time, you must use two different CH logins with different e-mail addresses. For the registration of the company, it is recommended to use a general company address, e.g.

Mark your drone clearly!

Before you fly your drone, you must make sure it is marked with your UAS operator number. This must be clearly visible on the drone. It does not matter how you affix the number: it can be on a plaque, engraved, or written by hand in capital letters using a waterproof marker pen. If you fly an unmarked drone, you will be liable to a fine.

Register as a drone operator now (German, French, Italian only)

Do you have any further questions about registration?

Please refer to the FAQs.


Last modification 26.06.2023

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