Standard scenarios (STS)

Two types of standard scenarios can be distinguished: the European standard scenario (EU-STS) and the national standard scenario (CH-STS).



Issuance From January 2024 Until 31 December 2023
Risk analysis Completed Completed
Class marking Not necessary
Period of validity Max. 2 years Max. until 31 December 2025
Area of validity           
Pilot competence Certificates A1/A3 and STS-01/2 Certificate A2 + theoretical knowledge  and practical competence relevant to the planned operation
Cost Min. 80 - Max. 5'000 CHS (depending on processing time) Costs are individual and depend on the specific STS.
Processing time

Max. 2 weeks

The processing time depends on the specific CH-STS.

Last modification 02.02.2023

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