Recognised Entities and Qualified Entities (RE/QE)

FOCA may obtain support from external organisations in relation to drones. The role played by these organisations and how they can take on this role is explained here:

Qualified Entities

FOCA may outsource certain tasks previously performed in house to external qualified entities. Qualified entities currently perform the following tasks:

• Authorisations in the specific category for SAIL I and/or SAIL II

To perform tasks as a qualified entity, organisations require specific aviation and drone expertise. This is generally restricted to professional organisations. The specific requirements are individually agreed with the FOCA.

Entities can register their interest by sending an email to FOCA (see details below "Further Information").

Recognized Entities

Pilots must possess theoretical and practical knowledge to fly under an EU standard scenario (STS-01, STS-02). Recognised entities carry out and assess practical training for one or both EU-STS. 

Organisations wishing to perform tasks as recognised entities can register with FOCA (see details below "Further Information"). By completing the form, the organisation declares that it wishes to perform the examination tasks set out above. FOCA then approves the organisation. Recognised entities are also audited by FOCA to ensure compliance with all legal requirements. 

Recognised Entities registered in Switzerland
Vertical Master 

Further Information

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