Revised Radiological Protection Ordinance

On 01 January 2018 the revision of the legal basis concerning radiological protection, the new Radiological Protection Ordinance entered into force. This ordinance revision resulted as part of the harmonization with the provisions of the European guidelines. These changes also affect the civil aviation industry: The revised ordinance comprises provisions for the protection of aircrew from cosmic radiation. The monitoring of the compliance with these provisions lies within the responsibility of FOCA, whereas, the obligation of dosimetry and reporting must be fulfilled towards the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH).

The obligation for dosimetry (determining the radiation dose) falls upon aircraft operators that employ aircrew in an employment relationship under Swiss law who might receive an effective dose from cosmic radiation of more than 1 mSv per year on board the aircraft during the flight.

If aircraft having a maximum flight level (service ceiling) of 6'000 m or 20'000 ft are employed, it can be assumed that the effective annual dose will be less than 1 mSv. In this case there is no need to monitor the radiation doses. 

Ref Information sheet FOPH: Dosimetry of aircrew personnel