Airworthiness management (CAMO/CAO)


Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations (CAMOs) are either integrated into an aviation company or take the form of a separate entity that specialises in airworthiness management.

Combined Airworthiness Organisations (CAOs) are independent entities that specialise in the airworthiness management (and/or aircraft maintenance) of non-complex aircraft.

In addition to holding a basic approval, both types of organisation may be authorised to carry out the annual technical inspections of aircraft in accordance with the applicable provisions of EASA Basic Regulation (EC) No 2018/1139, and under certain circumstances to issue permits to fly.

CAMOs and CAOs perform a range of tasks, including developing maintenance programmes for aircraft, and organising and coordinating necessary modifications, repairs and maintenance work. Their other activities include carrying out technical inspections of aircraft (if they possess the appropriate authorisation) and managing technical records of aircraft. They may also provide private-sector services to aircraft holders.

When an organisation applies for Part-CAMO or Part-CAO approval (EASA Form 2), an audit is conducted to establish whether the organisation complies with the legal requirements and if this is the case, the FOCA issues a continuing airworthiness management approval.

Approved CAMOs are regularly inspected or audited by the FOCA. If the organisation concerned is found to no longer meet the requirements, it must permanently rectify any deficits by a deadline specified by the FOCA.

Airworthiness Management Organisation approvals are issued for an indefinite period. However, the organisations are obliged to notify the FOCA about any changes that could have an influence on the approval before the changes concerned are implemented. While taking account of the respective circumstances and minimum requirements, the FOCA will then specify any conditions or restrictions on the organisation’s continued activity as an airworthiness management provider.

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