Ground Handling


Ground handling processes must be set out in the airline's operations manual (OM), in accordance with EU regulation 965/2012 ORO.MLR.100. Instructions for ground handling service providers (GHSPs) may also be documented in a separate manual (e.g. Ground Handling Service Manual - GHSM).

What must be included in OM A chapter 8.2?
OM A must record all processes, instructions and information required under AMC3 ORO.MLR.100, as well as all policies and work instructions for airline personnel. This information is subject to the defined revision and approval process.

What should be documented in a separate manual for GHSPs?
Instructions and information that airlines may have for third-party companies and their personnel (e.g. ground handling service providers) can be published in a separate manual, which is revised according to the airline's internal revision processes.

If an airline decides to publish an additional manual, OM A chapter 8.2 must mention that manual (e.g. 'Information/instructions for ground handling service providers are described in the GHSM').

Note: The ICAO Manual on Ground Handling (Doc 10121) provides more information on ground handling services.