Production Organisations

Production Organisations are companies that manufacture aircrafts and aircraft parts. In doing so, exactly defined procedures have to be followed. A Production Organisation certifies the conformity and airworthiness of its products according to applicable design data.

Requirements for the issuance  of a production organisation approval are in accordance with Subpart G of Regulation (EC) 748/2012.  FOCA does use the AMCs of regulation (EC) 748/2012 and checks compliance to these. An organisation may use alternate guidance material to show compliance with Subpart G of European Regulation (EC) 748/2012. However, such alternative means must be approved by FOCA before they are used and they have to provide an equal level of safety.

For an application for a production organisation approval or a significant change, please use the forms provided in the list below.

These Forms may be completed on screen

9Title Form


PDF Link

EASA Form 50
Application for Part 21 POA (Production Organisation Approval)
28.11.2006 Form 50  (PDF, 335 kB, 28.11.2006)
EASA Form 51
Application for significant changes or variation of scope and terms of Part 21 POA
28.11.2006 Form 51 (PDF, 244 kB, 28.11.2006)
EASA Form 60
Application for agreement of production under Part 21 Subp. F
05.02.2020 Form 60 (PDF, 277 kB, 05.02.2020)

EASA Form 4
Application for Management Personnal

28.01.2019 Form 4 (PDF, 217 kB, 28.01.2019)

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