Language proficiency tests

Pilots must demonstrate that they possess the necessary degree of active and passive proficiency in the languages used in aviation radio telephony to enable them to communicate comprehensibly in situations which cannot be described solely through the use of standard phraseology.

Evidence of this is provided by means of a test, which is broken down into three different skill levels.

  • Level 4: 4 years (VFR and IFR)
  • Level 5: 6 years (VFR and IFR)
  • Level 6: unlimited validity

This test must be administered at an examination centre the first time it is taken and can then be renewed in combination with a flight, provided that the validity of the previous test has not lapsed for more than three years.

Any language proficiency tests taken outside Switzerland will be recognised for entry in the Swiss license in accordance with the document “Procedure for acceptance of language proficiency tests taken outside of Switzerland”.

Sample Exam


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