In mid-2016, DETEC gave the FOCA the mandate to reorganise Swiss airspace and its aviation infrastructure (i.e. air navigation infrastructure and aerodromes). To this end, the FOCA set up a programme called the Airspace and Aviation Infrastructure Strategy of Switzerland, or AVISTRAT-CH for short.


In spring 2022, the FOCA published the AVISTRAT-CH strategy report. This is the product of a collaborative strategy development process between government authorities and key stakeholders in the Swiss aviation sector. The strategy is presented in the above graphic in schematic form and can be viewed in the following short explanatory video as well as in detail in the strategy report under 'Documents / AVISTRAT-CH Milestones'.

Following the successful completion of the Vision and Strategy milestones, the AVISTRAT-CH programme entered the implementation phase in autumn 2023. This will proceed in a targeted and prioritised manner, with the most urgent foundational work in the 'Airport system' and 'Airspace structure and management' focus areas being initiated first. The report below on the completion of the implementation planning phase and initiation of the implementation phase provides further relevant information.

Devlopment of the Programme

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