Subcategory A2 (under 4kg)

Drones under 4kg (subcategory A2)

I fly a drone that weighs less than 4kg. This puts me in the A2 subcategory.

Markings: My drone must have a CE marking as well as the class marking C2. If my drone does not have a class identification label, the rules of the transitional category will apply to me.

Registration: I must register as the operator of the drone on the Swiss online drone platform UAS.gate and label my drone with the UAS operator number. Registration is free of charge.

Certificate: If I want to fly in this drone category, I need to obtain the A1/A3 and A2 certificates. The following steps must be completed:

  1. I acquire the A1/A3 certificate in UAS.gate by completing the online training and exam.
  2. I complete the practical self-study (see checklist below) at a location that meets the requirements for A3 and report completion when I order the A2 in UAS.gate.
  3. In UAS.gate, I book an appointment for the on-site exam.
  4. I study the three subjects for the A2 by working through the study material on UAS.gate.
  5. I take the theoretical exam (30 multiple-choice questions) at the FOCA premises:
    Papiermühlestrasse 172, CH-3063 Ittigen

The A2 certificate will be issued after passing the exam. The exam is currently free of charge.

The A2 subcategory at a glance

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