subcategory A3 (under 25kg)

Subcategory A3: Drones under 25kg


I fly a drone that weighs under 25kg, so I fall into the A3 subcategory.

Markings: My drone must bear a CE marking and a class identification label (C0, C1, C2, C3 or C4). If I fly a drone without a class identification label, the transitional category rules apply to me.

Registration: I must register as the operator of the drone on the online drone platform UAS.gate and label the drone with the UAS operator number. Registration is free of charge.

Certificate: If I want to fly in this drone category, I have to obtain the A1/A3 certificate. To do this, I complete a self-study training course and an exam (multiple choice, 40 questions) on the online drone portal UAS.gate. After passing the exam, the certificate will be issued. The training and exam are free of charge.

Safety distance:

  1. Flying over uninvolved persons is prohibited.
  2. I always keep a minimum horizontal distance of at least 150m from residential/commercial/industrial and recreational areas (*see note below).
  3. In addition, I must always comply with the following three points concerning the distance to uninvolved people:
    • minimum distance of 30m
    • 1:1 rule (number of meters height I am flying, I must also keep in horizontal distance)
    • at least the distance my drone travels at maximum speed within 2 seconds (reaction time).

Further information

Last modification 11.10.2023

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