Aviation events

Aviation events
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In Switzerland, aviation events are subject to strict safety and environmental requirements. This means that these events require authorisation from the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA).

A public aviation event is defined as an event involving aircraft that the public are invited to attend. They include air shows and competitions, as well as passenger flights outside airfields.

In the run-up to an aviation event, the organisers must submit extensive documentation to FOCA. This includes details of the location and time, the promoter, the event manager, an organisation plan, the programme, and a summary of the safety measures taken for the event.

These documents are reviewed by FOCA, based on standardised criteria and working in cooperation with the communes and cantons concerned, the Air Force and, if need be, the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN). If the overall assessment is positive, FOCA will grant authorisation and set out the conditions and requirements that must be met for safety and environmental reasons (Art. 89 Air Navigation Ordinance). FOCA regularly attends events to check and enforce compliance with these requirements.

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