Safety Recommendations and Advices

STSB safety recommendations: How the FOCA reacts

Two aircraft fly too close to each other, several times in the same airspace. Or an aircraft crashes. These are examples of the type of cases the Swiss Transportation Safety Investigation Board (STSB) investigates. If safety failings are found, the STSB final report contains safety recommendations. Its task is to check whether recommendations are implemented and minimise the safety deficit.

The FOCA reports on the state of implementation

FOCA specialists examine each safety deficit submitted to the office in terms of risk. The FOCA (independent regulatory authority) and the STSB (independent authority for safety investigations) have different roles. They may therefore assess a risk in different ways. Furthermore, external factors may mean that a safety recommendation cannot be promptly implemented: perhaps a legal amendment is necessary or there are technical or operational adjustments by the industry which have cost

The law stipulates that the FOCA must periodically inform the STSB and the responsible department DETEC about the implementation of STSB safety recommendations, or explain why the FOCA has not yet implemented the recommendations or taken any measures.

Interested in the FOCA's point of view? Here you find information on the FOCA's responses to the safety recommendations.

Safety advices

In the course of an investigation, safety deficits occasionally become apparent that cannot be remedied by adapting rules or regulations and direct supervisory activities, but rather by changing or improving risk awareness. In such cases, the Swiss Transportation Safety Investigation Board (STSB) formulates a safety advice aimed at specific stakeholders in the transport sector, which is intended to help the companies, individuals and organisations concerned to recognise a risk and the associated need for action.

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