U-space services

Four of the U-space services are mandatory for drone pilots. Additional services may also be required for U-space airspace deployment if using them enhances safety.

Mandatory U-space services

These services are provided in every U-space airspace and are mandatory for drone operators.


Network identification: Provides authorised users* with real-time information* on drones in flight, including the identity of the operator. 

*for more information, see the FAQ



Geo-awareness: provides an overview of permanent and temporary area restrictions and applicable operating conditions in U-space airspace. 



Traffic information: informs drone operators about air traffic (manned and unmanned) that may be nearby or on the intended flight path.


UAS flight authorisation: drone operators use this service to register their planned flights. The scheduled flight will be confirmed as long as there are no other flights in the same space at the same time.

Additional U-space services

Other services are also offered. These services can be mandated in individual cases if they increase airspace safety when establishing a U-space airspace.


Compliance monitoring: checks whether the applicable requirements are met for drone operation in U-space airspace and provides information on any deviations.


Weather information: provides current weather data.

Last modification 26.07.2023

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