Air Passenger Rights

The Air Passenger Rights Regulation applies to all air travel - whether individual or package tours.

It applies to all travelers departing from an airport within the European Union (EU), Switzerland, Norway and Iceland. 

In addition, it also applies to travelers departing from a third country and whose destination airport is in the EU, Switzerland, Norway or Iceland if the flight is operated by an airline that has its principal place of business in the EU, Switzerland, Norway or Iceland. The term «EU Member State» within the meaning of Article 3 of the Air Passenger Rights Regulation includes Switzerland (based on the bilateral air transport agreement) as well as Norway and Iceland (EEA states).

The Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) monitors compliance with European Regulation (EC) 261/2004. 

More information about the flight irregularities

If you suspect that an airline may have violated your rights as a passenger, you can lodge a complaint with FOCA. We will then ask the airline who operated the flight to respond to the complaint and to send us the necessary documentation so that we can examine the case in detail. In case of an infringement, FOCA could sanction the airline. Although FOCA is unable to enforce compensation payments, our administrative penal proceedings could motivate airlines to make payments to the passengers. If this should not be the case, however, you still have the option of lodging a civil claim with the relevant court.

If you report your case to FOCA, you can be certain that an independent administrative authority will examine it.

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Passengers should always seek to contact the operation carrier before considering other means to seek redress for their rights. We once again draw your attention to the fact that under Article 16 of the Regulation, the national enforcement bodies are responsible as public authorities for enforcing overall compliance with the Regulation. Passengers can address National Enforcement Bodies (in Switzerland BAZL/OFAC/FOCA)  in case they have suffered from an infringement of Air Passenger Rights Regulation.       


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