Rights for people travelling by air

There is an ordinance on the rights of people travelling by air.
If there are problems during air travel,
the airline company must provide help and support.

Three examples of problems are:

  • The flight does not take place.
  • The flight is delayed by a long period of time.
  • You cannot get on the plane,
    even though you have a ticket.

What are examples of these rights?

The airline company will pay for you to stay in a hotel and for your food.
For example, if your flight is moved to the next day
and you have to wait for it.

The airline company will make sure
that you can travel to your destination.
For example, by taking another flight or via train.

The airline company will give you your money back
if a flight does not take place.

What can you do?

If you are having a problem with a flight,
you must always contact the airline company first.

Are you not satisfied with the answer provided by the airline company?

If so, you can fill out a form.
The Federal Office of Civil Aviation will then
take a look at your rights.

You can fill the form online
Form to be filled

Are you having problems with the form?

If so, call us on 058 465 95 96

Last modification 14.12.2022

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