Aircraft Maintenance Personnal Licences (AML)

A corresponding licence is required in order for personnel to carry out, supervise or certify maintenance work on aircraft or aircraft components, or apply the associated special work procedures. These licences have to be issued or officially recognised by the FOCA.

Conditions for the issue or transfer of a license by the FOCA

Conditions for the issue or transfer of a license by the FOCA are Swiss citizenship or employment in a maintenance company approved by the FOCA.


There are two types of licence:
  • EASA Part-66 licence: The majority of licences for aircraft maintenance personnel are issued in accordance with Annex 3 of Regulation (EC) No. 1321/2014 (EASA Part-66). These licences authorise the holder to carry out and certify certain maintenance operations on aircraft.
  • National licence: National licences (e.g. for maintenance on gliders with/without a motor, balloons and airships or components) exist in areas that are not governed by EU regulations or have not yet been regulated by the EU. These licences are based on the provisions of the Federal Ordinance on Aircraft Maintenance Personnel (SR 748.127.2).

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