FSTD - Flight Simulation Training Devices

If a flight simulator is to be used for creditable flight training, both the device and the organisation operating the device must be certified.

Based on European legislation applicable in Switzerland, the FOCA inspectors ensure proper application of the FSTD licensing procedure and conduct oversight of the equipment and of the organisations. The term Flight Simulation Training Devices (FSTDs) is the umbrella term for all simulators that may be used for creditable training.

General information

Companies that are interested in becoming certified as an FSTD organisation (FSTDO) are informed about the certification process at a pre-application meeting. Certification takes between three and six months, depending on the quality of the documents submitted. We look forward to hearing from you to schedule an appointment.

Lists of qualified Flight Simulation Training Devices

The FOCA notifies EASA of all FSTDs certified in Switzerland and these are then published in the EASA FSTD information system.

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