The three categories

According to the EU-wide Drone regulation applicable in Switzerland, there are three different categories that a drone can be operated in: "OPEN", "SPECIFIC" and "CERTIFIED". The three categories are defined by different safety requirements which depend on the risk of the operation.

  • The OPEN category comprises UAS operations that do not require AN authorisation from FOCA. The vast majority of pilots fly in this category.
  • The SPECIFIC category includes UAS operations that require an authorisation from FOCA before being executed. As soon as one or more of the rules of the open category cannot be complied with or the take-off weight of the drone is higher than 25kg, the drone operation is subject to authorisation.
  • The CERTIFIED category includes UAS operations that require certification of the UAS to ensure an adequate level of safety. This includes, for example, cargo transport or the transport of passengers. The regulations for operations in the "CERTIFIED" category are currently being developed.

Last modification 20.03.2024

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