Occurence reporting


Drone pilots are users of airspace and thus are required to report safety-related incidents or accidents promptly.

Reporting safety-related incidents and accidents

Drone pilots are required to report accidents to two different agencies:

  • Accidents and serious incidents must be reported immediately to the Aviation division of the Swiss Transportation Safety Investigation Board (STSB) via the Rega alarm centre (tel. 1414, from abroad +41 333 333 333).
  • Additionally, all safety-related incidents must be reported within 72 hours via the official reporting portal, ECCAIRS, to: www.aviationreporting.eu.

Which events must be reported?

Generally, drone pilots must report all safety-related incidents or accidents to the agencies listed above. All incidents involving manned aircraft or involving serious or fatal injuries to persons are regarded as safety relevant. If in doubt, please contact the FOCA. Consistency in reporting improves data collection and documentation for authorities.

Consequences for drone pilots

When incidents are reported, drone pilots will not be prosecuted if they have not acted with gross negligence or intent. The reason for reporting events is so that they can be investigated (if necessary, by the STSB) to learn from them. In addition, some insurance companies may require an official damage report to cover any damage.

Last modification 04.10.2023

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