SASCON'14: Human Factors in Complex Systems

This years’ Swiss Aviation Safety Conference (SASCON), which will take place in Olten on 11th March, is dedicated to the topic of “Human factors in complex systems”. Even though human factors are not the only cause for serious incidents and accidents, they often play an important role in their development.

The aviation system is complex. The interactions between flight and ground operations, maintenance, production and air traffic management is becoming more and more demanding. The different processes and the operational environment are evolving, not the least of which are caused by new technologies and the growth in traffic.

The aim of this event was to promote a common understanding of human factors throughout the Swiss aviation community and to review recognized analysis methods. Additionally, focus was placed on fostering the understanding of how errors arise, which factors contribute to the emergence of such errors and how the basic conditions at the organisational level could help either to prevent human errors or minimize their consequences.

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