SASCON'12: Safety Performance Indicators

The Swiss Aviation Safety Conference (SASCON) 2012 was dedicated to the exchange of know-how amongst Swiss aviation stakeholders concerning the definition and usage of Safety Performance Indicators (SPI’s).

The definition, usage and measurement of such SPI’s are an integral part of a global and efficient Safety Management System (SMS) and can provide important information needed by senior managers in order to be informed about ones actual safety performance. This allows actions to be taken early on in order to improve safety. The principles and the importance of such an instrument are also noted in the current European Aviation Safety Programme.

At the end of the day, participants should understand the basic concept of safety performance indicators, their safety benefits as well as the importance of the selection of appropriate indicators. Regulatory bodies, aviation representatives and speakers from other industry branches will show the participants different ways and approaches to define meaningful indicators for their own company.

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